Ukraine Team Blog #2

Dominique Cochran Mission Trip Blog

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Today our team had the please of attending Andrei Zalischuk’s church. For some of our team this was a joy as they were reunited with dear friends. For those new to this mission trip, it was moving to here songs we were so familiar with being sung so beautifully in a different language. Pastor Rob Bentz was invited to preach today and Andrei interpreted with vibrance and joy.  The people of the church were very friendly. Although we were strangers to most of them, they were eager to show us love and hospitality.

We spoke at length with Mela, a dedicated prayer warrior for the church. She is soon to be 85 years old, a grandmother to 12. She had a 50 year career as a pediatric radiologist. She prayed over our team before we left.

We are now getting ready for the train ride to the camp in Sokil. We are grateful for the instruction and hospitality Jay and Judy have graciously given.