Ukraine Mission Team Blog #2

July 11, 2018 by Woodside Bible Church | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

Time has been flying by in Ukraine, but God has been accomplishing much!

The Woodside and Sokil team have continued to lead the youth camp each day, focusing on the gospel of Jesus Christ as the focal point in every activity. This has led to close relationships between us and the Ukrainian staff as well as the children as we teach.

Members of the team shared their testimony in a way that would connect with the children, boldly proclaiming what God has done in their lives. Interactive songs were utilized to teach stories about Jesus in English, and English lessons continued. The main crafts included making capes to signify Jesus being our superhero, and to carry it to others in spreading the Gospel. The kids also loved making tie-dye bandanas! Their excess energy was released through intense 3-legged races and tag.

Thank you for your prayers as you support our mission in Ukraine. God has provided in abundance, and there is much left to be done! Please continue to pray that children would hear the Word and come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior, and that our relationship with Marcel and the Rist family can be strengthened for future projects.

Woodside Ukraine Team


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