Ukraine Mission Trip Blog #3

July 14, 2017 by Lexie Schwarze | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

The team and I want to start off by saying thank you and praise God. We have seen the hand of God move in amazing ways.

It is such a sight to see the campers running to meet us as we are walking down the road to camp. The smiles and pure joy on their faces are priceless. One of the many games we were able to participate in was the heart game. This involved taking paper hearts from the children in exchange for candy and goods. It was later revealed that this game symbolized how the devil inticices us to steal our soul. This simple activity had such a powerful meaning that the kids were able to understand. Praise God!

This camp has kept us busy. Our day starts at 8:15am for breakfast and ends around 7:30pm when the kids go home. The time between is filled with singing, games, crafts, sports, teaching English, meal times and meetings.

We thank you for your continued prayers. Our trip on the train was very memorable with little sleep and experiencing an over the night train, for most of us the first time. We ask you to pray for rest, satisfying rest physically, emotionally and mentally. Although it is nearing the end of camp and the team is running low on energy, it is so encouraging to see the team pouring everything they have into these kids. We also ask you to pray for the kids’ hearts to be softened to accept Jesus. The gospel was presented today. The campers seemed very in tune to the gospel, but were very opposed to talking about God and what His Son did for us. We ask to pray that the kids would feel comfortable to ask questions or just to talk about God either to us, their leaders or the church. Thank you!

All the glory to God,
Team Ukraine 2017

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