Ukraine Mission Trip Blog #4

July 15, 2017 by Lexie Schwarze | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

The day starts with a rooster crow, and it doesn’t stop all day. Later on in the day, there are three different sections the American’s are in charge of. The team is split up into crafts, games, and teaching English.

Yesterday in crafts, we were with the older group of campers (around 17 and 18). The craft of the day was to decorate a foam cross by sewing colorful string around many pins in whatever pattern they wished. In an effort to interact with them about the gospel, one of our team members suggested a panel. It was one of the best moments the team and I have experienced on this trip. The campers asked us questions like: “What does Jesus mean to you?” “When were you saved?” “What would you say to God when you see Him in heaven?” They were so focused on our answers and the quietest they have been all week, in any activity.

Please continue to pray for these people to fully understand and grasp the meaning of Jesus Christ dying on the cross for their sins.


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