Ukraine Mission Trip Blog #5

July 15, 2017 by Lexie Schwarze | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

We said goodbye to the campers last night. It was an emotional time for most of us because of the relationship we were able to build with them. One of the main lessons the team learned was there are more ways of communicating God’s love than just words. One of our team members felt discouraged in the beginning of the week by not being able to connect with the campers. However, after praying and trusting God, one camper in specific came back the next day running to give our team member a hug.

We were also able to connect with the Ukraine team. Although they speak a little more English, the smiles and the tight hugs from them all through the day validate that this is exactly where we are supposed to be. Last night, there was no place I’d rather be. After the campers left, we had the opportunity to have a cookout by the river. The beautiful sunset partnered with our singing of hymns and Christian songs made for a night to remember.

As our departure is drawing near, we ask to pray for our safety. We will be traveling on another overnight train, and a connecting flight until we arrive home Monday afternoon. We also ask to pray for the campers that they would continue to listen to God’s voice gently drawing them to Him. We ask for rest for the Ukraine team, they worked so hard this week. They deserve some much needed rest. It is bittersweet to leave the village, but we also trust God to continue a good work that has been started in this place.

All the Glory is His,
Ukraine Team 2017

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