Ukraine Team Blog #4

Dominique Cochran Mission Trip Blog



‘You shall Love the Lord, your God with all of your heart and with all of you soul, and with all of your mind…love your neighbor as yourself.’ Matthew [22:37], 39

This is one of the great commandments given to us by Jesus. Each day of our experience in Ukraine has been a demonstration of what it looks like in action. Our Ukrainian brothers and sisters have showed us their complete love for God and immense love for their fellow humans as they loved us, the children of the camp, the families of the camp, and each other, in powerful and sacrificial ways.

While we came to serve the Ukrainians, we have been overwhelmed by their hearts and service. Their hospitality for us has been a gift to our team.

On Friday, at the camp’s closing ceremonies, Pastor Marcel concluded all that had been sung, taught, and preached with an invitation for the kids (and their parents) to place their faith in Jesus Christ. The response was vast and significant! Children were running to the front to share in the good news that they had received a Savior who loved them. It did not end with that moment. The saved were then told to go and speak to their leaders about the how to begin the next steps of their journey with Christ. What a powerful evening of seeing God at work! And what a blessing to see the reaping of what has been sown in the previous years of camp ministry in Sokil. God is at work through this mission.