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Unshakable Week 8- Day 1

Lynn Bettes Unsakeable Devotion

“For to this you have been called because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you might follow in his steps.” 1 Peter [2:21]

Believers in Christ will suffer for doing good.

With one quick glance at today’s text, you can see that suffering will most likely happen to all of us; some more than others, but we are all subject to it. Some of the suffering that we’ll experience is a result of our own sin, some is the result of another’s sin, and still others the result of living in a world where people everywhere desperately need Jesus.

The Apostle Peter is writing about suffering for doing good. Jesus never sinned, yet He suffered so that sinful men and women might be set free. Do not be tempted to compare your suffering to others or believe that there is not a purpose for your pain. Instead, look to Jesus who perfectly exemplifies our goal of facing suffering with patience, peace and preparedness. God is in control of the past, present and future.

Do you resent others when it seems as though they are rewarded for “bad” behavior? Do you resent God when it feels like He is not rewarding your “good” behavior? Will you trust God in amidst your suffering?

Father, please instill a deep satisfaction in my heart regarding my calling to follow Christ as my example. Even when it feels like my pain is too much to bear, remind me that You are always available, and You know how to perfectly comfort a suffering child. In the name of the one who suffered so that I might find freedom, Jesus. Amen.

1 Peter [2:18]-25