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Unshakeable Week 2- Day 3

Lynn Bettes Unsakeable Devotion

“…who through him are believers in God, who raised him from the dead and gave him glory, so that your faith and hope are in God.” 1 Peter [1:21]

Have you ever met one of your heroes? I remember meeting Detroit Red Wings Captain Nikolas Lindstrom 10 years ago. I was so star struck that as he approached me the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. It was amazing!

What do you think it will be like when you meet Jesus? Do you think you’ll experience a powerful physical sensation? Will you be in awe?

The Bible teaches us that we only know love because God first loved us. Jesus was the earthly representation of that love. Jesus loved us so much that before the foundation of the world, a plan was set in motion that He would save us from our own sin. Jesus bought us with his own life and calls believers to live faithfully with eternal hope.

How could such a gift not cause us to be awe-inspired? How could it not spur us to live faithfully for him?

If Jesus is your Redeemer, then you are called to live faithfully with all that He has given you. You are called to live faithfully in obedience to him. You are called to faithfully care for those He has placed in your life. Believers are called to be faithful because our redeemer is faithful, alive and one day we are going to meet him!

Jesus, having faith in you will never leave me empty because you have already achieved victory over sin and death. Please increase my faith and help me live in obedience to you each day. In you alone I place my hope. Amen.

Matthew [25:14]-30