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Unshakeable Week 4- Day 4

Lynn Bettes Unsakeable Devotion

“The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.” 1 Peter 2:7

Many people overlook the fact that today’s verse is actually the quotation of another verse of Scripture. It comes from the Old Testament, specifically, Psalm 1[18:22]. In this psalm, Israel laments that the surrounding nations despise them and have attacked them. The psalmist likens them to a hive of bees that swarm its enemies (Psalm 1[18:10]-13).

Eventually, the psalmist switches word pictures and likens the nations to builders who have rejected, and thrown away, a certain stone for building. In this word picture, Israel is the rejected stone. However, even though it is rejected by the nations, Israel is the cornerstone of God’s purposes. (The irony is that Israel, too, eventually rejected God’s purposes for them and rejected God’s promised Savior.)

Israel’s experience should be a challenge and encourage us.
• The challenge is that we too, even though we may know a lot about God’s Word and have a lot of experience in church,
can become hardened and miss God’s purpose.
• The encouragement is that Israel’s rejection of Jesus did not catch God by surprise. He predicted it long ago in the Old
Testament (Psalm 1[18:22]). And that did not stop the advancement of God’s church

Despite how perilous life may seem, God is sovereign over all, and His plans will prosper.

Lord, I humble myself before you and ask you to help me to build my life on the cornerstone of Christ. Grant me the humility not to stumble over your Word, rather to embrace it and live it out! Amen.

Psalm 118