Valentine’s Day and your Trust in God

Lynn Bettes Pastor's Pen

Valentine’s Day is this month. I know it is a highly commercialized holiday (as is every other holiday), but I enjoy the special occasion to be romantic with my wife. Genesis 24 narrates Isaac’s and Rebekah’s love story. You must read it.

Here are two things we can learn from this story: If you’re single and want to be married, you can trust God. If you’re married, you are married to the right person.

Look at all the things that took place before Isaac and Rebekah met:

– Abraham made his most trusted servant promise that he would not let Isaac take a wife from Canaan and he would not take Isaac back to Abraham’s home country.

– The servant had to travel about 570 miles (21 days) to get to Abraham’s homeland.

– The servant prayed that the woman for Isaac would offer him a drink (simple enough) and would offer to water his 10 camels (not so simple!).

– Before he finished praying, Rebekah came by and – voila – she did exactly as the servant had prayed.

– The servant had to convince Rebekah’s family to let her go (really far away, with a complete stranger).

– Rebekah’s family asked for 10 days to consider the matter, but the servant asked not to be delayed (the nerve!).

– Rebekah had to agree to go.

And she did.

That was not easy. In fact, before the servant ever agreed to do this, he said to Abraham in Genesis 24:5: “Perhaps the woman may not be willing to follow me to this land.” No kidding!

So how did all these details get worked out? You know the answer, and the author of Genesis leaves no doubt about the answer: God orchestrated every single detail. Abraham had complete faith that God would do this (Genesis 24:7). The servant was prayerful as he went on his mission (Genesis 24:12). Rebekah’s family was convinced God was in it. “The thing has come from the Lord.” (Genesis 24:50)

I know not everyone is called to marriage. But if you’re single and want to get married, you can trust God. He will take care of every detail. Your hope should not be in but in God.

And if you are married, God already took care of every detail. You are married to the right person. God made no mistakes.