Wake Thailand Team Mission Blog #5

July 6, 2018 by Woodside Bible Church | Ministry Life Impact Ministries

My name is Terren Howard, and I believe in a God who still performs miracles.

In the last two weeks, I have been in awe of the many different things I have seen God do. I could have never imagined, in my wildest dreams, that I would get on an airplane and leave Michigan—let alone fly all the way to the other side of the world for a mission trip! Being on this trip has made me realize how big the God we serve in Pontiac really is. It has given me a new perspective. That new perspective is that no matter how far or near we are, He’s always going to be present. Through this life-changing experience, God has used me in ways I would have never thought of. An example being putting smiles on hundreds of kids’ faces.

Joining the Akha people for church allowed me to experience a new way of receiving and experiencing the gospel. The fire for God being shown is so outrageous and on “a new level”. Being here has encouraged me to be stronger in my faith and approach God in a new manner. During this whole trip, the team and I have felt nothing but the movement of God from one another.

The last two weeks were a battle, between completing our mission or taking a break to get energy. However, throughout these 14 days, God has provided us with everything we needed and more. He’s opened doors for us to look to Him in times of doubt. This experience will surely encourage us to seek His face more because He’s brought us through so much. Hearing and seeing “God is present and is bigger than any fear or any doubt” time and time again has motivated us to share testimonies and experience all that God has for us.

Though this specific mission was completed and has come to an end, there is something I will definitely be taking home with me and that is loving other people that are different than myself. For all that God has done for me, I am thankful to say that I now have a new level of respect for others that come from different walks of life – including those who might not be from the same neighborhoods as myself, and even those less fortunate than me.

Now, I see them all as God’s creation, because we were all made in His image, and there’s no country, no race, no man-made religion, and no circumstance that will ever take us away from that.

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