Woodside Students California Mission Trip Day 6

Kim Schuler Mission Trip Blog

As this week comes to a close, I find myself looking back and reflecting on what’s felt like 7 amazing weeks rather than 168 life changing hours. God has truly shown himself into our California teammates lives in such prodigious ways. In ways which have truly exposed his majesty and tender loving kindness to us all. I feel that everyone on this trip has grown a stronger bond with the lord and has been able to exhibit more trust into him.  To me, it is just stupefying to observe how my teammates have grown during the course of the mission.  I have seen several of my teammates expose a side of them which I could have never even imagined they carried. This new side in several of them brings out God in some of the best ways possible. I hope, that they will all be able to remain in these pure personas so that possibly their classmates can look and see the wonder in their eyes that God has brought and maybe end their famish from being far from Christ. So that they too can grow and experience the wonderful love that God has for them. It is also satisfying to know that my team has brought a joy into so many individuals lives by spreading the word of God and helping them in activities such as weeding and painting or handing out care packages filled with human necessities or discussing their life problems with them and praying for wellness. What has been accomplished on this mission trip will never be forgotten, by the people we have touched and by the high schoolers themselves.  I am unbelievably thankful for this amazing week and have been forever changed. Thank you, Praying Pelican mission, Woodside, and The Bridge. But, most of all thank you God for blessing me to be able to experience all of this.

-Isabella Toma