Woodside Students Dominican Republic Mission Trip Day 7

Kim Schuler Mission Trip Blog

It was a long week in the DR, and by the end we were exhausted. But Tuesday finally came, our last full day in the DR, and despite the fact that many of us wanted to go back to the village one last time, we spent our last day relaxing on the beach. We had a lot of fun hanging out together, swimming, shopping, and eating at a local restaurant. It ended up being a great way to celebrate after our long days of working hard and serving the Dominican people. When we went back to the compound, we spent our last evening eating dinner together, hanging out, worshiping together, and sharing with our cord groups what God did in and through us during the week and what decisions we wanted to make upon arriving back at home.
Wednesday morning came, and we packed our bags and prepared to leave the place that had begun to feel like our new home. We spent part of our morning worshiping together for the last time, and hearing one last devotional and testimony. We then each spent some time in prayer individually, and afterwards we had a final few hours to hangout. Lunch that day was our final meal together at the compound, and then, after saying our goodbye’s to our interns for the week, Kieley and Nathan, we loaded up the buses and departed to go to the airport. We had a successful flight to Miami, went through customs, ate Wendy’s at the airport, and then boarded our plane back to Detroit. We landed at 11pm, and were received joyfully by our families. After saying some final farewell’s, we all went our separate ways. Our trip was over, but we came back changed by our experience.
I know that most of us, now that we’re home, would give almost anything to have had one more day of our trip. One more day in the village. One more morning with those beautiful kids. One more afternoon of talking to people and sharing the gospel. One more hour of hanging out together and feeling like family. One more canter ride together. One more worship song together. A few more minutes of pouring out our hearts. A few more seconds of holding onto a kid who had clung so tightly to us and smiled at us, and who we had loved despite not being able to understand their words. But what happened in DR does not all stay in DR. The things God has placed on our hearts and the decisions we’ve made have come back with us. Some of the friendships we’ve made, lord willing, will last for years to come. We have seen glory after glory, and we will not soon forget
> God’s power and His grace. The same God who was with us in the DR, who worked through us so mightily, will be with us when we go back to our schools, our tough situations, and our stresses that for a week we left behind. We go forth boldly, with a renewed passion for our faith and renewed joy for the work Christ has done. We pray that God will keep working through us now that we are back in our homes and communities, and we know that He will continue to take care of the kids at the New Horizon’s school who are under the watch of our brother in Christ Michel. What an incredible week, and what a blessing it was to serve in the Dominican Republic, and be a part of what God is doing there. May we forever lift His name in praise.
 -Jared Hewines