The Great Update

It’s that time of year for all sorts of new year’s resolutions and this year at Woodside, we’re resolved to get our database cleaned up!

Our mission is to help you belong to Christ, grow in Christ and reach the world for Christ. With updated and accurate information in your profile, we will be able to understand what’s important to you and how we can serve you, streamline communication and deliver valuable content and information tailored specifically to you that will help you on your journey with God.

Everyone 18 years and older.

Update or create an online profile for every person. All persons who update their information at this time will remain ‘active’ in our database.

The entire month of January.

Click here to update your information, or text UPDATE to 248.710.0710 for a link.

FAQ available by clicking here. For additional questions or tech assistance: Contact us at or call 248-687-7127