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High School Spring Break Missions Trip
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    Once you have completed the application and your deposit, you will receive a confirmation email. If you don't receive a confirmation email, please let us know as soon as possible so we can help trouble shoot. You need to completely fill out the application and deposit for a spot to be reserved on the trip. Let us know if you have any questions!
  • Please include your life before Christ, when you committed your life to Christ, when you were baptized and any significant spiritual decision / circumstance that is part of your story.
  • Please do not write, ‘It is good’. Think of this as describing one of your friendships – If your relationship with God is going well, explain why. If your relationship seems distant, elaborate on how that feels and why you think this is…
  • You can click multiple by clicking and holding the command/control button on your keyboard
  • You can click multiple by clicking and holding the command/control button on your keyboard
  • example: Hope Week-4 times, Haiti-2 times
  • Because Woodside Bible Church is committing money, resources, and time to you as a student, it is understandable that mission trip candidates should be expected to align themselves and commit to this body of believers.
  • Membership is mandatory for these trips. If you are currently not a member, you can learn more on how to become a member at the information meeting for your trip!
  • Note: For all of our mission trips, it is expected that students will participate willingly in all mission trip training, regularly and enthusiastically be involved in the main worship service as well as faithfully attending and leading elements of the student ministry service. There will also be high expectations and training for developing a personal holiness that includes tools for personal Bible study, scripture memory, and personal accountability. I understand and am ready for these challenges and willing to meet the expectations. In addition, I understand that I will disqualify myself from the team if I violate our team covenant: This includes standards pertaining to use of drugs or alcohol, profanity/inappropriate pictures on social media, or any other outward disregard for Christian standards of student’s leadership. All 2017 trips have expectations of service/ministry hours leading up to the date of the trip. This may include using your abilities or skills on Sunday morning in Woodside Kids, volunteering in some other church capacity, volunteering in your community or serving at your school. By typing in your names below, it acts as your signature and that you comply with the above statement and all that was shared above.