Resources for the Church‘s Role in Serving Our Nation

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January 22, 2021

As our Campus Pastors have been teaching, we are a people and a nation that are hurting and in need of healing. It can be challenging for us to love those who may look, act, or believe differently than us. But God calls us into a relationship with one another despite our disagreements! As a church, we must ask ourselves what our role in serving our nation is? How can we share and show the love of Christ to those who are in desperate need of Him?

As a staff, we put together a list of resources for you filled with books, blogs, episodes of The Link, and more. We have compiled them here for you to access easily. We hope they will encourage you as we navigate together what our role looks like in bringing hope and healing to our nation.


  1. How the Nations Rage by Jonathan Leeman — to purchase click here.
  2. Kingdom Citizen by Dr. Tony Evans — to purchase click here.
  3. Make Your Voice Heard in Heaven by US Senate Chaplain Barry Black — to purchase click here.
  4. Becoming Whole by Brian Fikkert & Kelly Kapic — to purchase click here.
  5. Them by Ben Sasse — to purchase click here.
  6. We Will Not Be Silenced by Erwin Lutzer — to purchase click here.


  1. How to Heal A Hurting Nation by Chris Brooks — to read click here.
  2. What to Do When You Disagree by Ryan Russell — to read click here.
  3. How to Love the Unlovable by Ryan Nast — to read click here.
  4. Revolution or Submission by C.T. Eldridge — to read click here.

EQUIPPED with Chris Brooks

  1. Living Like Jesus in a Divided Nation with Senate Chaplin Barry Black and Dr. Mark Jobe — to listen click here.


  1. A Conversation about God and Politics Parts 1 & 2 — to view part one click here & to view part two click here.
  2. Cancelling Cancel Culture — to view click here.