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At Woodside Bible Church, our podcasts are designed to encourage and equip you in your faith. To explore topics including mental health, relationships, addiction, and stories of hope, tune in on Spotify, Apple, or Google Podcasts today.

Current Message Series

The Essentials: Why Truth Matters

In a world where it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, do we know what we believe? In The Essentials: Why Truth Matters, we’ll use the affirmations of the Apostles’ Creed as a guide to teaching us the core doctrines of the Christian faith. Join us each week as we affirm the foundational truths of […]

Featured Podcast

The Link

On The Link Podcast we seek to connect the truths of God’s Word to the ideas and events shaping our world. Each week, Senior Pastor Chris Brooks is joined by a diverse panel of guests who bring their unique experiences and perspectives to the table. Join us as we take a close look at cultural ideologies through a Biblical lens.

Featured Podcast

Everyday Theology

Everyday theology is a podcast series where we’ve challenged a pastor and a theologian to take tough theological questions and turn them into everyday conversations. Join us each week as Ravae, Jacob, and Brandon tackle these tough constructs in a fun and engaging way that you can share with friends and family.

Hear From Pastor Chris

Equipped with Chris Brooks

Every weekday, Senior Pastor Chris Brooks, in partnership with Moody Radio, hosts a Christian talk radio show that equips listeners to live an impactful Christian life in a rapidly changing culture. Tune in and be encouraged to grow spiritually, think critically, and live compassionately in your community.

Featured Podcast

Coming & Going

Coming and Going is a podcast designed to help parents live out and impress upon their children biblical truths as they come and go. Deuteronomy 6 calls us to love God with all our hearts and to teach this command to our children. This means we, as parents, are called to find ways to share and show the truths of His word to our kids. This means we find both organized ways, such as family Bible study and times of prayer together and getting them plugged into Christ-centered community, and organic ways, as life circumstances occur to remind them of the truth of who God is. Whether walking around the grocery store, avoiding the death trap that is known as the “pick up circle” at school, sitting around the table, or wherever you are coming and going from, there are opportunities for parents to reflect the truth of God’s Word and the humble love of Jesus to their kids.

Easter at Woodside!

The empty tomb requires us to answer the question, “What does Jesus’ victory mean to me?”

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