A Transformation to Peace | A Global Partner Update

Written By: Woodside Missions Team


June 10, 2024

Dinwaak had spent much of his adult life feeling depressed and anxious. As a commercial bus driver, he spent long days on the road, sometimes being gone from his family for weeks. But perhaps most upsetting was that when he would finally return home, his wife and children were constantly fighting and shouting insults at each other. 

After a long trip, Dinwaak returned home one day to discover something miraculous! His family spoke kindly to one another, and peace radiated from the house.

“The Bimoba audio Bible was a catalyst for change in our home, “Dinwaak’s wife explained. “We encountered God through the stories of redemption, hope, and joy. It was a transformative experience for all of us.”

Dinwaak joined his family in attending the Bible listening sessions. Slowly, God’s presence began to fill their home as they learned the importance of obedience, righteousness, and God’s love.

Theovision’s work has had a profound impact on families like Dinwaak’s. By recognizing the urgent need for scripture to be translated into the heart language of all unreached people groups in Ghana, Theovision has been instrumental in transforming lives. While there are still many more languages that need to be translated and recorded, it’s the testimonies of families like Dinwaak’s that inspire Theovision to continue their mission.

Remember our global partners, Philip and Gloria, and their organization, Theovision, as we partner with them to create an audio Bible recording in the Gonja language. Hopefully, by this time next year, we will hear stories of transformation from the Gonja community! If you’d like to hear more from our partners at Theovision, check out the video below!