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May 18, 2023


Ayana and her husband are members of an unreached people group in Ethiopia. They sacrificed to their ancestors and performed rituals to honor their gods. However, their beliefs instilled fear, which contradicted the Gospel and the freedom found in Christ.

Earlier this year, Ayana fell ill. Sickness and a lack of material blessings were signs of something wrong in their culture. As a result, they sacrificed animals and performed even more rituals to appease the gods, but none worked. Her failing health led to a depression that threatened her life. Her husband snuck out one night to ask for prayers because he desperately needed assistance; he went to Kidus, a disciple-maker, to ask for help from his God. Kidus prayed for him and sent him off with encouraging verses.

The next day, Kidus went to Ayana’s house, praying for them and sharing the Gospel. Even though they did not receive immediate healing, what they heard moved them so much that they placed their hope and trust in the power of Christ’s resurrection. After three days of Kidus’ daily visits to their home and persistent prayer, Ayana began to feel and look better. Seventeen people, some of whom were members of her family who had watched her struggle with her illness, were saved because of witnessing the healing power of the one true God. They joined the church Kidus planted in response to God’s gift of healing and salvation, eager to learn more about the Good News of Christ.


If you’ve known the pain of infertility, then you know Fana. Fana and her husband Gebre had been trying to get pregnant for as long as they could remember. Sometimes they suffered silently, and sometimes tears leaked out.

One day Sister Sebie, a disciple maker a part of a church planting movement, invited Fana and Gebre to a Bible study group.

When Gebre agreed to attend, many were surprised as he did not believe in Jesus. As the group wrapped up the lesson, they offered to pray over Fana and Gebre that the Lord of All would give them a baby. A few days after that prayer, Fana took a pregnancy test, which came back positive!

In the days that followed, out of nowhere, Gebre was suddenly curious about Jesus. “I’m happy now,” he thought, “maybe Jesus gave us this baby?” The day after the pregnancy test Fana invited Sister Sebie to their home. Sebie shared the message about sin and God’s forgiveness, and both Fana and Gebre asked Jesus to be their personal Savior. If you talk to them today, you will hear them say, “Now, because we have God in our lives, we are very happy.”


I can’t find work. I can’t support our family. I’m moving to Qatar.” It was four years ago when my husband spoke those words to me. The shock could only be matched by what my husband said when he called last month. “I’ve tested positive for COVID-19.”

I was so worried for him. He told me his heart was shattered and that he was convinced he would soon leave this earth because of COVID-19. He was hurting, we were far apart, and I could do nothing. My relative Biruk stopped by our home one day. At the time, I didn’t know about church planting or that Biruk had been doing training with them. I poured my troubles out to Biruk, and he tried to comfort me with something he called the Gospel.

I was so encouraged by what Biruk shared that I wanted my husband to hear it. So, one night Biruk and I talked with my husband on social media—us in Nepal, him in Qatar. Biruk shared about Jesus with my husband; he realized his mistakes and confessed his sins. That night, God spoke to him through a vision, and at that moment, he gave his heart to Christ. In the following weeks, Biruk visited me regularly, shared from God’s Word, and invited me to church. I attended regularly and soon was convinced Jesus was the true God, and I received Him as my Savior.

Today, through our church’s prayers, my husband is completely recovered from the virus. I’ve stopped worshiping Hindu idols because I serve Jesus alone. As I am illiterate, I’ve asked the local believers for an audio bible so I can keep growing in my faith.


No matter how much witchcraft he tried, Haile remained sick. When a church planter shared Christ with him and prayed for Haile, he was healed and received Christ. His family noticed his changed life, and all put their faith in Christ, beginning their discipleship journey.


Near the slow-flowing Karnali River, Jember was born 67 years ago in a remote village to a very poor family. After putting his trust in Christ, he was such a changed man that he led his wife and children to the Lord and opened up his house for a church plant. Today, 23 new disciples from Jember’s village meet at the church that gathers in his home.


Hawi sold cosmetics in the small district of Rupandehi. Dejen didn’t need any makeup but saw a surprising opportunity. While selling on a routine day, cosmetics basket in hand, Hawi offered some products to Dejen, a local Christian and disciple-maker, at his door. Dejen rummaged his hands through the makeup basket, feeling the smooth plastic bottles. He picked through the products longer than most because Dejen quickly realized, “The longer we talk about makeup, the more likely I am to have an opportunity to talk about Jesus!”

Dejen asked about Hawi’s family, and that’s when the floodgates opened. A demon oppressed Hawi’s entire extended family. After years of praying to Hindu idols, the demon had set up camp, bringing headaches, dizziness, and fevers with it.

At this moment, Dejen introduced her to Jesus, the one who has the power to conquer any demon. After hearing this, makeup was no longer on Hawi’s mind. She invited Dejen to her home, where he shared the Gospel with her entire family. Hawi, her husband, and her sister-in-law surrendered their lives to Christ. Since Jesus entered their lives, the entire family has been delivered from the demon.

Today, you’ll find Hawi and her family attending the church Dejen planted, singing worship to Jesus, and praying for more and more to come to faith in Christ.

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