Story of Hope: Blessing Others

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May 15, 2020

On a recent family Zoom call, Amber listened intently as her son Austin, an attendee of Woodside’s Plymouth Campus, shared the story of Pastor Chris Brook’s interview with an ER doctor and hospital chaplain. He filled his mom and family in on how these individuals shared ways individuals at home can help their local healthcare workers and first responders. As he shared the different ways, one in particular resonated with Amber.

Amber oversees a small school in the Grand Blanc School District just outside of Flint, MI. As her son, Austin, shared how grateful hospital staff were when food donations were dropped off, Amber knew she could help. During this season, restaurants in her community have been struggling as individuals are not going out to eat like they used to. She knew there had to be a way she could help both. From there, Amber came up with a plan to bless hospital workers and partner with local businesses.

She shares, “The very next day I called one of the business owners and talked through my idea with him. We set up a way to collect the donations and I communicated it out to my whole staff and all 170 students, asking them to participate.”

A week and a half later they raised $2,100.

With their donations Amber and team were able to deliver 96 platters of Jimmy John’s subs to three different Flint-Grand Blanc area hospitals. They were also able to partner with The Great Harvest Restaurant to deliver donated food to second shift employees at these same hospitals. With just enough funds left over, they were able to bless one more hospital the following week.

In Exodus 35 we find the Israelites banning together to gather the supplies needed to build the tabernacle.

And they came, everyone whose heart stirred him, and everyone whose spirit moved him, and brought the Lord’s contribution to be used.
Exodus 35:21

Whatever they had they brought, no matter how big or how small, every little bit of it was used for God’s glory.

For Amber, she felt helpless having to stay home while other people were risking their lives on our behalf. However, she followed the stirring God had placed in her heart in hopes of showing appreciation and lightening someone’s load in some small way. Can you imagine if the Israelites were short one stone or one linen because someone believed their contribution was too small to make an impact? The God whom the Israelites served in Exodus is the same God who used five loaves of bread and two fish to feed 5,000 people. He is the same God who empowers you and I to be His hands and feet to a world in desperate need of Him.

Whatever they had they brought, no matter how big or how small, every little bit of it was used for God’s glory.

What is God stirring your heart to do? How can you use the gifts, abilities, and resources you possess to make an impact for His kingdom? Maybe it is sewing masks for hospital works, providing meals for your elderly neighbor, or maybe it’s as simple as shopping local during this season and beyond. Whatever God has laid on your heart to do, go after it boldly. No matter how small it may seem.

As a church we will be joining with people like Amber to provide meals for our healthcare workers and supporting our local businesses. Through our Woodside Cares initiative, we have already provided meals and groceries for thousands across our 14 campus communities. You can join us in supporting restaurants in your community through Takeout Tuesday. For more information on Woodside Cares, visit