2020 Vision

Times are changing faster than any of us ever would have imagined.  It's time to move with a greater sense of urgency and focus in reaching people here and around the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our purpose is clear and our vision is focused because we know people everywhere desperately need Jesus.

Our Purpose

We exist to glorify God by making disciples.

Our Mission

Helping people Belong to Christ, Grow in Christ and Reach the world for Christ.

Our Strategy

We follow God's direction into communities, as He strengthens the Church by transforming lives through the Gospel.

Our Vision

There are three areas that are at the core of our vision that will help us maximize our reach and impact of the Gospel here and around the world:
  1. Churches - Revitalize, plant, expand and resource
  2. Leaders - Develop leaders in the Church, our homes and communities
  3. Outreach - Local and global


Churches are a local expression of the body of Christ where people worship together, gather in community and reach people with the Gospel. We revitalize churches to help keep lighthouses open, plant new churches to reach the unreached, expand as God blesses, and resource other churches to help strengthen the Church.


The future of the church is at risk of being a by-product of a post-Christian and post-truth culture. 1,700 pastors leave the ministry each month. The divorce rate among Christians mirrors the national average. It’s our desire to develop strong leaders in our churches, homes and communities and be known as a church that strengthens pastors,
leaders and marriages for the kingdom.


As we follow God’s lead into communities here and around the world, it is through our local outreach and global partnerships that we meet the needs of people and share the Good News of Jesus. It’s our prayer that people here and around the world would experience the love of Jesus and come to know him as their Lord and Savior.

20|20 Vision: A Christmas Offering - Makayla's Story

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Romeo: Ready to Expand
Over 700 people are worshiping at our Romeo Campus during the weekends and we have reached capacity! The campus is positioned in an area with a growing population, increased new-housing builds and few evangelical churches.

Vision: Expand the current worship center and build out new classroom space that will make room for over 1,000 people.

Dearborn: Visibility + Greater Reach
Reaching and serving the 95,000 young professionals, families and Arab Muslims in Dearborn is at the heart of our church family. Unfortunately, the school where we meet is tough to find, and our access is limited to just a few hours a week. This limits our visibility and capability to reach these people who desperately need Jesus.

Vision: Relocate to a building that is more visible and accessible.
Leadership Projects total: $100,000

Scholarship Seminary Students
Beginning January 2018, in partnership with Grace Theological Seminary, 20 students will begin their training right here at Woodside! We are hosting a program called Deploy, where students will be able to pursue their M. Div. in General Ministry or a M.A. in Local Church ministry. This is a unique model that melds theological education within the laboratory of the local church. Through this program, the student pays for 1/3 of their education, Grace pays for 1/3 and Woodside pays for 1/3. Vision: To scholarship 20 students that will allow them to graduate without large assumed debt of seminary loans.

Thailand: Build a Bible Institute
15 leaders come from five countries in southeast Asia and are trained every year through the existing Bible institute, currently housed at the Ahka Light orphanage. They return to their home cities and villages to teach the Bible, equip and train other leaders, and plant churches. Vision: Build a residential training center that will house 30 leaders for a two-year seminary program. Included in the design will also be a conference center that will become a training ground for pastors and ministry leaders across the country.

Outreach Projects total: $350,000

Digital: Go Where They Go
In the US alone, 95% of all Americans own cell phones and spend over four hours per day on a mobile device. Millennials are now the largest living generation and spend 18 hours a day consuming media. They spend 5.4 hours per day on social media and as a result, are battling anxiety. In addition, the number of people identifying themselves as religious nones continues to rise. They don’t see the church as relevant or adding value to their lives. What if we could begin to change those perceptions and bring the hope and truth of the Gospel to them?

Vision: Develop a multi-platform digital strategy that will help us go where they go and build bridges of value so we can engage and introduce them to Jesus. We will establish a pathway that will guide them on the journey of becoming fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Pontiac: Home for At-Risk Young Men
Four young men who have aged out of foster care and are at risk of living on the streets, will be enrolled in our 12-18 month residential mentoring and training program. They will receive life coaching, job skills training, be discipled and secure employment.

Vision: To see the Pontiac community transformed as we help provide people an exodus from poverty.

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