Woodside exists is to bring God glory by making disciples. We follow God’s lead into communities, partnering with Him, to help strengthen the Church and transform lives through the Gospel. We are passionate about helping people belong to Christ, grow in Christ and reach the world for Christ.

Our Purpose

We exist to glorify God by making disciples.

Our Mission

Helping people Belong to Christ, Grow in Christ and Reach the world for Christ.

Our Strategy

Campusing is at the core of Woodside’s strategy. Campuses are more than bricks and mortar – they are people who gather to worship Jesus, study God's word and live on mission to reach people in their communities locally and around the world. Starting in 1955 with a handful of people praying, God has grown our church family to 14 campuses reaching thousands of people across Southeast Michigan. In the past five years we have grown to a community of over 10,000 through revitalization of existing churches and planting campuses.


God has given us a unique vision of revitalizing churches through partnerships that will give necessary support to help keep their doors open and increase the impact for Jesus in their communities.


We also plant new churches in areas where there is a need for an evangelical church or God has given us a vision to meet a unique community need or reach a specific group of people.

It is through our campusing that evangelism happens, leaders are developed and global partnerships are established. We are seeing people here and around the world belonging to Christ, growing in Christ and reaching the world for Christ.


We are thankful for the thousands of people in our church family who partner with us in ministry week in and week out. Evangelism can be done one-to-one, in community or through outreach events. Last year we launched The Collective, a ministry that is reaching 470 young adults every week. We also hosted Nativity, where over 13,000 people heard the truth of the Christmas story thanks to the generosity of our church family. We are a church on mission and passionate about reaching people who don’t know Jesus yet. Jesus calls us to go into the world and make disciples, sharing and showing people the Good News of Jesus. Evangelism is at the core of who we are because we believe people everywhere desperately need Jesus!

Leadership Development

The future of the church is at risk of being a by-product of a post-Christian culture. 1,700 pastors leave the ministry each month. 70% of young adults believe the church is irrelevant. The divorce rate among Christians mirrors the national average. The church needs strong leaders who are theologically grounded and can stand on absolute Truth. We are committed to becoming a central hub for leadership development that will impact the lives of thousands of leaders, pastors, and marriages. Our leadership development initiative is critical to the vibrancy and sustainability of Woodside and the future of the Church. Woodside Leadership Institute.

Global Partnerships

We partner with Christian leaders around the world who are strategic and immersed in their global communities, helping them to train leaders who will start new ministries and plant churches. We currently have 6 strategic partnerships, have trained over 2,000 leaders and 1,500 churches have been planted. Through these partnerships, thousands of people have been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our partnerships will help us reach people around the world for Christ with speed, efficiency and excellence.