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Woodside proudly partners with Grace Theological Seminary to offer seminary training through a program called, Deploy. There are two degrees currently available to Woodside students: MA in Local Church Ministry and an MDiv in General Ministry.

Deploy uses a competency-based theological education (CBTE) model delivering seminary online and onsite within a local church or para-church ministry. This is seminary at the speed of life—a self-paced graduate education program designed to minimize disruption to ministry, work, and family priorities, while optimizing students’ spiritual formation and professional ministry training.

While receiving formal theological training from an academic mentor, all students participate in active service opportunities at one of our campuses where they will document, dialogue, and deconstruct their experiences with an insightful ministry mentor, all while receiving shepherding from a spiritual mentor.

Deploy is a flexible and affordable option for anyone seeking to gain seminary education and hands-on ministry experience at the same time. Woodside students get hands on practicum as they apply what they are learning at one of our campuses.

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“Deploy has been an enriching experience for me. The content has been refreshing and transformative. The practical nature of the program stands out to me. It has already impacted my relationships as well as my own growth. Having prior experience with formal biblical training and study, I had a certain expectation when I first enrolled. The program has really exceeded my expectations. The most rewarding part thus far has been the relationships I have formed with the faculty. They are very personable, make themselves available to you, and pray with you regularly. Their dedication is so appreciated. I am very grateful for their commitment to train me and others for biblical teaching and leadership. I look forward to seeing how God continues to move in my heart and grow me more into the image of Christ through the school and its faculty.”

Kevin Pobursky – MA Student – 2018