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Reach the World - Global Missions Campaign


Between the months of May and July, we raised $404,652.34 in support of our partners around the world.

Your above-and-beyond generosity during our Reach the World campaign is helping our partners share the Gospel, launch churches, train pastors, care for orphans and widows, translate the Bible, and combat human trafficking in 11 of the least-reached countries across the globe.

If you’d like to continue supporting the mission of our global partners, you can make a gift to our Global Expansion Fund by clicking below: 


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raised in support


Countries Impacted

Why Give?

Revelation (7:9) talks about how people from every nation, tribe, and language will stand before Jesus. At Woodside, we want to help fulfill this incredible vision by supporting our global partners who are serving in some of the least reached areas of the world.

Throughout the “Revelation: All Things New” series, June & July, we are asking each one of you to join us in going above and beyond in giving to help us raise funds to support the work of our global partners worldwide.


Get Involved

Then, individually or as a family, ask God to provide additional funds over and above your regular offering and see how He supplies.  Or consider sacrificing, even in small ways like Starbucks, dining out, etc. As God supplies, put the extra resources in this collection box.

On July 16 and 23, we will be asking our church family to bring your collection boxes back so we can see how God will use us to help our global partners advance the Gospel worldwide.

To make a one-time or recurring donation to support the work of our global partners worldwide, click the give now buttons below.

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The Average American....

Spends $9.22 a day eating out at restaurants.

In 8 weeks, that’s $516.32.

Every day we spend over $9 on entertainment.

In 8 weeks, that’s $504.

On average, we spend nearly $2 a day drinking coffee, or $3.50 daily for those who drink Starbucks.

In 8 weeks, that’s nearly $196.

With that money, you could…

Provide 8,000 gospel tracts to an evangelist in India | $100  

Provides theological training for pastors and evangelists in India, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leon, and Guinea | $200 

Support church planters in Ethiopia or India in reaching 20 new disciples of Jesus | $400 

With that money, you could…

Provide the support and training for one Akha evangelist working in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, or China | $500 

Provide shelter and care of a girl rescued from human trafficking in Nepal | $600 

Provide 250 Bibles in Hindi, Telugu, or Tamil to new believers in India | $1000 

Partner Updates