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Woodside has a rich history of involvement in global missions, which has resulted in supporting seven global partnerships in four countries, as well as 78 missionary units serving across 13 countries. These missionaries are our hands and feet in bringing the hope of Jesus to a world in need through evangelism, church planting, Bible translation, theological training, and compassion ministries.


How do I apply for missionary support through Woodside?

Missionary candidates will be given an application package containing a written application form and a description of the application process. The completed application will be reviewed by the Woodside’s Leadership Team and a decision made as to whether the candidate meets Woodside’s missions strategy, priorities, and requirements. Missionary support applications are reviewed May and November of each year. 

 If you are interested in receiving a missionary support application, please complete the form below.  

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What are the requirements for being considered for missionary support?

Each missionary applicant will need to confirm: 

  • Active membership of a local church and a letter of recommendation from your pastor 
  • At least one year of proven ministry experience connected to your chosen missions ministry 
  • Educational background or experience that qualifies you for the spiritual rigors of the assigned field 
  • Profession of faith in Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and ability to articulate the gospel to others 
  • Ability to fulfill the biblical standards of leadership as defined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 
  • Ability to affirm and agree with Woodside’s Statement of Faith 
  • Acceptance by a U.S.-based Mission Agency that has clear financial policies and a retirement program in place 
  • A written ministry plan that clearly defines your role, responsibilities, and priorities for your missionary service 

Can I be supported by Woodside as a missionary?

We’ll consider both members and non-members of Woodside for support. However, Woodside members receive special consideration because of our responsibility as a church to support those we disciple and send. Woodside will consider the following categories of missionaries listed in their order of priority. 

  1. Missionaries that are members of Woodside’s Global 100 team 
  2. Missionaries that are active members of Woodside Bible Church 
  3. Missionaries serving with an unreached/unengaged people group 
  4. Missionaries serving with a Woodside strategic global partner 
  5. Missionaries serving as a church planter 
  6. Missionaries serving in a support role for a church planting movement 
  7. Missionaries serving internationally 
  8. Missionaries serving in the U.S. within a cross-cultural context 
  9. Missionaries serving in the U.S. on a university campus

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