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Chennai, India

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As we serve the people of India by protecting at-risk children, spreading the love and hope of Christ, and equipping a new generation of church planters, we’ve seen God move in incredible ways. Don’t miss your chance to change a life by supporting our partnerships below. 

Faith, Prayer & Tract League

The mission of the Faith, Prayer & Tract League is to spread the Gospel through outreach and tract distribution. This year, more than 40 million tracts will be printed and distributed across the entire country of India, bringing a message of hope and salvation to people who’ve never known God’s grace. This ministry is truly changing the world one tract at a time.

Bible training

Each year, we deploy three teams of teachers to minister to more than 100 of the Faith, Prayer & Tract League’s distributors, preparing each to become church leaders and pastors as they plant churches in the regions of their distribution. Through their dedication to the Gospel and training in evangelism, how many more will come to know Christ?

It's a Girl Centers

“It’s a Girl” is a sponsorship program allowing people like you to support parents who’ve chosen life for their little girl despite the pressure for gendercide or neglect. This life-changing initiative provides each child with loving care, Bible teaching, clothing, healthcare, and other essentials. When you choose to sponsor, you give one of these innocent girls a fighting chance.

Namakkal Children's Home

The Namakkal Children’s Home is a safe haven for 26 boys who were rescued from infanticide, where every child is shown the all-encompassing love of their Heavenly Father. This ministry meets each child’s basic needs while providing access to the life-saving truth of the Gospel.



meet our partner

Drs. Mano and Sheila Daniel were Woodside’s first international partner and together God has allowed us to bring the message of His salvation to millions of hurting people across India. With hearts that ache for the lost in their country, we work together to do something about it.