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Theovision International

Faith by Hearing

Theovision uses cutting-edge methods to share God’s Word with Africans in their indigenous languages. Woodside partners with them to produce Bible audio recordings that are shared in listening groups on solar-powered devices. Each listening group is hosted by a trained leader who follows audio segments with questions for application. Most listeners are hearing the Word of God in their language for the first time! 

Biblical Training

Woodside works with Theovision to train pastors and evangelists living in remote regions with audio technology. These leaders are given listening devices with recorded lectures, which they use to virtually pursue certifications at Moody Bible Institute. 

Meet Our Partners

Rev. Theodore founded Theovision in 1989 and is currently transitioning ministry leadership to his son and daughter-in-law, Philip and Gloria Asare. Philip and Gloria are proud parents of their son, Timothy.