Serving India


About This Partnership

Chennai, India |  Tract Distribution, Bible Institute, "It's A Girl"
Mano Daniel is our long-term partner in India, who leads the Faith, Prayer and Tract League in Chennai, India. Over 50 million Gospel tracts will be printed and distributed on the streets throughout India through a team called Leaders in Obscurity. Our vision is to provide Bible training to these leaders so they can then train others and plant churches.

Meet the Team

Woodside has partnered with Drs. Mano & Sheila Daniel’s ministry, “Faith, Prayer and Tract League” (FPTL) in Chennai, India to teach the tract runners, who are called LIO’s (Leadership in Obscurity), Bible doctrine.

We send two teams of teachers per year to Chennai who minister to the top 100 LIO’s who are distribution runners. As these runners distribute their tracts, they by default, become church leaders and pastors in their area. The runner’s primary mission is to evangelize non-Christians through outreach and tract distribution.

Drs. Mano & Sheila Daniel