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Liberia | Frontier Evangelism, Bible Institute, Church Planting 
Through our partnership with Kim Smith and Wordsower Liberia, we are supporting a Bible Institute and Training Center that currently runs two weeks per month with over 60 students. Our vision is to see a healthy, independent church in every town in Liberia and that these churches would eventually plant other churches.

Meet the Team

Kim Smith has been ministering to Liberians in West Africa for over 10 years. He served in the summers of 2004 to 2007 while he was a high school teacher in Ohio. In 2008, he felt God’s call to move into a Liberian refugee camp in Ghana, West Africa. He lived in the camp with the refugees for a year and then God directed him into the interior bush of Liberia. Kim has lived in Liberia now for over 9 years and works for an organization called Wordsower Liberia.
Wordsower Liberia is a non-denominational Christian organization. It exists for the purpose of training Liberian people to be missionaries and ministers to their own people. Their mission is that every village will have a healthy church. They enter a village and begin with evangelism, then discipleship and finally assist in starting their own church. Their teams, on motorbikes, can visit up to 100 villages a month and have worked in over 1,000 villages. They have a Bible Institute, dentist and Christian bookstore and they also drill wells, distribute water filters, and operate a full print shop.

Kim Smith

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