5 More Christian Books to Read if You’re Single or Dating

Written By: Woodside Content Team


February 10, 2023

Navigating the world of singleness and dating can be tricky. In an ever-changing world, singleness can become disheartening, and dating can be difficult. But what does God say about these seasons of our lives? How can we see seasons of singleness as a gift? And how can we date with intention, end relationships well, and prepare ourselves for marriage if that is what God has for us?

Well, we’ve put together some resources that we hope will encourage you as you navigate seasons of singleness and dating.

▶️ Thrive: The Single Life as God Intended by Dr. Lina Abujamra

Despite what many people think, singleness is not a disease. It’s not the lesser option. Singleness is God’s gift to you today. In Thrive, Lina AbuJamra – who has been single for over 40 years – will show you how you can make a difference in your life right now instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen to you. This book is for you if you’re ready to figure out what God has to say about singleness instead of relying on your own feelings and conclusions.

To grab your copy, click here.
Also, Lina sat down with Pastor Chris Brooks on “The Link” for an episode all about singleness. You can check it out here.

▶️ The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas

In The Sacred SearchGary Thomas helps single people of all ages make wise marital choices by rethinking what basis those choices should be made on. You will be encouraged to think beyond finding your “soul mate” and instead adopt a more biblical search for a “sole mate”—someone who will walk with you on your spiritual journey. Thomas asks, what if we focused on why we should get married more than on who to marry? What if being “in love” isn’t a good enough reason to get married? And most of all, what if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?

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▶️ Boundaries in Dating by Dr. Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Dating can be fun, but it’s not easy. Meeting people is just the first step. Once you’ve met someone, then what? Should you move on, pursue a simple friendship, or more? How do you set smart limits on your physical relationship? How much do you get involved financially? And how do you know if you’ve found your future spouse?

In this book, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, counselors and authors of the New York Times bestseller Boundaries, answer all these questions and more—helping you bridge the pitfalls of dating, Drs. Cloud and Townsend share their practical advice for adding healthy boundaries to your dating life. Boundaries in Dating unfold a wise, biblical path to developing self-control, freedom, and intimacy. Let Drs. Cloud and Townsend help you get to know yourself, solve problems, and enjoy the journey of dating and finding your life partner.

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Okay, so these aren’t books—they’re podcasts. But think of them as audiobooks instead, which means a bonus because then you’re technically getting more than five “books.” These are great episodes on these topics that we believe are worth a listen. Be sure to check them out!

▶️ Today’s Single Christian with Dr. Lina Abujamra – https://bit.ly/3jRdFws

▶️ Becoming Something with JP Pokluda | I’m Single, and I Don’t Want To Be – https://spoti.fi/3XguOx6

▶️ Becoming Something with JP Pokluda | How to Know When I’m Ready to Date – https://spoti.fi/3JWF5LS

▶️ Becoming Something with JP Pokluda | Secrets to Dating Better – https://spoti.fi/3IeYSVD

▶️ That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs | Love and Healthy Relationships – https://spoti.fi/3DXCGwG

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