Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month: Resource Guide

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September 25, 2021

As a church, we want to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month, especially our Hispanic and Latino American brothers and sisters’ contributions to the spread of the Gospel and the church. We’ve taken some time to compile for you resources and works written by Hispanic and Latino Americans. Take some time to read through, watch, and listen to some of these and learn more about our incredibly diverse church history!

We’ve also included something extra special — experiences! Check out all the great Latin American restaurants in Metro Detroit!

📚 Read

The Mestizo Augustine: A Theologian between Two Cultures — Justo L. Gonzales

Manana: Christian Theology from a Hispanic Perspective — Justo L. Gonzales

Walk with the People: Latino Ministry in the United States — Juan Francisco Martinez

Albalde! Hispanic Christian Worship — Justo L. Gonzales

Hispanic Ministry in North America — Alex D. Montoya

La fórmula del liderazgo: Cómo desarrollar a la nueva generación líderes en la iglesia — Juan Sanchez

History of the Spanish Bible Paper — Eli Garza
to view in English click here and to view in Spanish click here

📺 Watch

On this special edition of The Link, we are celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month! September 15-October 15 is set aside to honor and celebrate the culture and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans. Today we want to take some time to celebrate the role and achievements of Latino communities and churches throughout church history! Eli Garza and Felix Quinones join Pastor Chris for a great conversation about the advancements and impact of the Gospel, the influential role women play, and how we as a church body can continue to reach the next generation of Hispanic and Latino Americans with the Gospel!

Click here to watch!

🎧 Listen

One of the great things about international travel is your ability to engage and experience another culture. While the advancements in technology allow us to share aspects of other cultures, there’s nothing quite like being there in person. But seeing how you’re reading this post via technology, we thought we would take you on a journey of discovery into the realm of Worship music from our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

The playlist below is entirely in Spanish and comes from a variety of artists who are distinct in their dialects, and yet all are singing songs praising who God is, what Jesus has done, and what we as believers desire. Some of these songs may sound familiar to you, as we sing many of these across our campuses on Sunday morning, and some may sound entirely different for you. Culture influences the type of music produced, and there are some distinct Hispanic worship songs on the playlist.

As you listen and try to sing along in either language, be in a mindset of worship. It’s a beautiful thing to listen to another culture’s worship of Jesus, and it reminds you that the world is bigger than your perspective and that God’s Kingdom is so much larger than our own church.

Click here to listen!

🌮 Experience

We asked the experts to tell us the best Hispanic and Latin American Restaurants in the Metro-Detroit area! So, gather up your friends and family for a great night out!

Puerto Rican Food
Rincon Tropical — 6538 Michigan Ave, Detroit 48210

Mexican Food
Taqueria Mi Pubelo — 727 Dix St. Detroit 48209

El Nacimiento — 7400 W. Vernor Hwy. Detroit 48209

Taqueria Lupita’s — 3443 Bagley. Detroit 48216

El Rancho — 5900 W. Vernor Hwy. Detroit 48209

El Camino Real — 1100 Central St. Detroit 48209

Venezuelan Food
Garrido’s Bistro — 19605 Mack Ave. Grosse Pointe Woods 48236

Honduran Food
El Catracho — 4627 W. Vernor Hwy. Detroit 48209

Dominican Food
Asty Time Dominican Restaurant — 7340 McGraw, Detroit 48210

Salvadoran Food
Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreno — 3149 Livernois Ave, Detroit 48210

El Guanaco — 1710 Livernois Rd., Troy 48083