Praying for Local & Global Missions | Prayer Week Days 3-5

Written By: Woodside Bible Church


June 4, 2023

We’ll focus on praying for our local and global missions for the remainder of our prayer week. We’ll be doing this in three different ways. First, we’ll spend time praying for our Short-Term Mission trips that are taking place this summer. Every year Woodside sends teams to spend a week or so serving and ministering alongside our missionary or mission-organization partners. Second, we’ll spend time praying for our Reach the World Campaign as we seek to raise support for our Global Partners as they take the Gospel to the most unreached people groups. Lastly, we’ll spend time praying for our Back-to-School Drive that takes place during August and the lasting impact it will make in the lives of local students.

Prayer Week | Day 3

Today, spend some time praying for each of the Short-Term Mission Trips that will take place this summer. Below you’ll find the trips listed with a few key prayer requests for each.

Costa Rica Construction Family Trip| June 10-16

  • Pray for the families who are experiencing this mission trip together. May it be a fruitful and impactful experience for them.
  • Pray for the family they will be building a home for in San Jose and the kid’s ministry that will be taking place.
  • Pray for the marginalized community they are ministering to, that their heart would be open to the Gospel.

Great Getaway Special Needs Retreat | June 12-17

  • Pray for this week for those who will attend the retreat—that it will be a week where they experience Christ’s love through all the friendships and activities.
  • Pray for the “Getaway Guides” as they accompany their buddies throughout the week.

Bethlehem/West Bank Kid’s Camp | June 14-25

  • Pray for travel safety and unity as a team.
  • Pray for the community of Palestinian believers whom the team will serve and minister to alongside Immanuel Evangelical Church in Bethlehem.

Costa Rica Construction/Anti-Trafficking Collective STM| June 17-24

  • Pray for safe travel and unity as a team.
  • Pray for the family this team will be building a home for in one of the neighboring marginalized communities.
  • Pray for the team as they work alongside a local partner fighting human trafficking.

Guatemala | June 24- July 2

  • Pray for our team as they work alongside Hope of Life Ministries in rural Guatemala through various building projects, providing aid, kid’s ministry, clean water wells, and more!

Mbarara, Uganda | June 28 – July 11

  • Pray for safe travel and unity as a team.
  • Pray for our team as they come alongside local churches to minister to individuals in schools, prisons, and throughout the community. Pray that hearts would be open and receptive to the Gospel.

Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota | July 7 -15

  • Pray for the team as they work alongside our partners at the Chanku Waste Ranch to run a week-long summer camp for kids and teens who live in a community with one of the lowest life expectancies and highest suicide rates in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Pray for the Oglala Lakota tribe that their hearts would be open and receptive to the Gospel.

Quito, Ecuador | July 31 – August 9

  • Pray for safe travel and unity as a team.
  • Pray for the team as they work to finish building the elementary classrooms in Pifo that Woodside began building in the fall of 2022.
  • Pray for the team as they minister to kids and adults who are working to improve their lives through tutoring, Bible study, life skills programs, and more.

During June & July, we are encouraging our Woodside family to help support the work of our Global Partners through the Reach the World Campaign. As you are finding ways to fill your giving boxes, spend some time praying over each of our Global Partners. Here are some specific prayer requests for the Reach the World Campaign, and our Global Partners guide your prayer time.

  • Pray that the Woodside Church family would be burdened to join us in fulfilling the Great Commission by making the name of Jesus known to the nations through prayer, giving, and going.
  • Prayer for the nations that don’t have access to the Gospel- that God would open doors for the ‘feet of those who bring good news’ to be able to enter the closed countries.
  • Prayer for the people of the nations where persecution goes unchecked – that they would stand up with the Lord’s power and protection to be wise, bold, and courageous to share the good news.
  • Pray for Kim Smith and Wordsower Liberia that they would boldly go into new villages and share Jesus with courage.
  • Prayer for Mano and Sheila Daniel that they would be wise, strategic, and loving as they mentor the leaders in their church planting program.
  • Prayer for John and Nut that they have the power and courage to continue the work of the gospel while caring for Nut while she is being treated and recovering from Leukemia.  Pray for total healing of Nut’s body from this disease.
  • Pray for Ramesh and the Our Daughter’s International staff that they would have eyes to see and find the hurting girls that need the healing power of Jesus.
  • Prayer for Bethlehem Bible College that they would efficiently and effectively train up young men and women to lead with the gospel and its peace in the Middle East.
  • Pray for Beulah Theological Seminary in Myanmar that they send out men and women who can bring peace to the hearts of those affected by conflict.
  • Pray for The Timothy Initiative in India and Ethiopia that they would be strengthened in their passion for people and the growth of the church.
  • Pray for Theovision and the Logba people as they start to form listening groups around a brand new recording of the New Testament in their heart language.
  • Pray for both partners in India working among radical religious groups that they would have the wisdom to reach those whose hearts are bent toward other gods.

Every August, our church family fills each of our campus lobbies with school supplies for children and teachers in need! Our goal is to help students and teachers have the opportunity to have the best school year, not worrying about where they’ll get the supplies they need. Here is how you can be praying in advance for this year’s Back-to-School Drive

  • Pray for our campuses as they continue to develop relationships with schools in their areas to supply them with the items their local students and teachers need.
  • Pray for every child who received a backpack that they can feel the love of Jesus through these items.
  • Pray for the families filling the bags, that they open their hearts to receive what God is telling them, and they feel led to participate.
  • Pray for the schools’ receiving supplies, that it can be a blessing to the teachers, that they can feel the love of Jesus through these items, and that they can be a catalyst that God uses to bring them closer to him.
  • Pray for the Dream Center of Pontiac to receive all the backpacks needed for their city-wide distribution event. Pray that the event helps open people’s hearts to relationships with the church and, ultimately a relationship with Jesus.