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May 11, 2022

We recognize this is a divisive moment in our culture. And while our culture presents us with the false dichotomy that we can either support only women or only children. We believe the Gospel compels us to love both women and children, and we are committed to supporting and encouraging mothers and women broadly while at the same time affirming the value of all children at every stage of life.

We believe that ALL PEOPLE are made in the image of God regardless of a person’s age, gender, ethnicity, economic status, or any other variables. When we advocate for life, that unequivocally includes advocating for the unborn. But we also must advocate for life at every stage.

Get Involved

As a church, we are committed to providing as many compassionate options for care and support as we uphold the value of life with the love Christ calls us to. This is why we as a church do the work we do in partnering with local pregnancy resource centers in each of the communities surrounding our campuses and encouraging foster care and adoption. We do this through our Dream Center’s work among those who are economically disadvantaged, caring for those with special needs at our campuses and in our communities, partnering with anti-trafficking organizations, and working with our global partners on child sponsorship. We invite you to join us in this.

Below you’ll see the information for our local and global partners and ways you, your family, or your Life Group can get involved.

CareNet | Berkley-Detroit

CareNet serves the Metro Detroit community by assisting women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy by providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy, and various resources to help them through this journey.

To find out more about CareNet & to get involved, click here.

Right now, you can get involved by helping us Celebrate “Baby’s 1st Birthday!”

One of the most consistent issues facing both male and female clients of CareNet is relational poverty.  Often, there is an absence of Godly relationships that love, care, and speak truth into their lives, and a shortage of people in their lives that celebrate the life choice that women make to carry and parent their children.  In response to this need, our Woodside Royal Oak Campus is partnering with CareNet to celebrate the life choice that the moms of CareNet make by celebrating their baby’s 1st Birthday. We will be holding quarterly 1st Birthday celebrations where we share a meal, offer a birthday gift, and introduce them to the Woodside community with the hopes of welcoming them into our church family. If you’d like to get involved, email

Crossroads Care Center | Auburn Hills – Pontiac

Crossroads is a faith-based, non-profit organization committed to serving men and women by providing medical, educational and support services and resources related to pregnancy and sexual health. Crossroads has also leased a building to provide expanded mom and baby care programming and material goods. Crossroads is committed to showing everyone compassion and help with critical life issues. Their doors are open to all; regardless of marital status, religious beliefs, gender, age, or race.

To find out more about Crossroads and how you can get involved, click here.

Compassion Pregnancy Center

Compassion Pregnancy Center provides honest answers, sincere care, and free and confidential services in a non-judgmental and safe atmosphere. Their medical center specializes in helping those experiencing unplanned pregnancy by providing pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds, as well as education and mentoring. They strive to give each person the help and information needed to make an informed choice.

To find out more about Compassion Pregnancy Center and how you can get involved, click here.

Healing Hearts Ministries

Healing Hearts is an organization that provides Biblical counsel and discipleship to individuals who suffer emotionally and spiritually from the pain, trauma, and affliction of their past. They provide post-abortion care for women and Biblically lead healing for trauma such as rape and abuse.

To find out more about Healing Hearts ministries, click here.

Another Way Pregnancy Center
Another Way Pregnancy Center educates, supports, and empowers women facing unexpected pregnancies with compassionate and professional medical care.

To discover more about the center located in Farmington Hills, click here

Christian Family Services | Southfield

Christian Family Services is passionate about helping people on their personal journey through life. Our counselors are here to guide you through life’s challenges, build family relationships, support pregnant women and grow families through adoption. They are a Christ-centered agency committed to serving individuals and families throughout the lower peninsula of Michigan and tailor their services to meet the needs of clients seeking adoption, counseling, or unplanned pregnancy education and support.

To find out more about CFS, click here.

Dream Centers of Michigan

The mission of the Dream Centers is to engage people in need with the love of Christ, partnering with them to flourish, reach their potential, and move toward self-sustainability. With Jesus at the center, we’re committed to empowering the Pontiac community in three key ways: education, economic empowerment, and environments. To find out more about the Dream Centers of Michigan, click here.

There are tons of different opportunities for you, your family, or your Life Group to serve and make a difference. If you’d like to volunteer, click here.

Special Needs Ministry

At Woodside, we’re made stronger and more beautiful by the members of our church family with special needs who gather to grow in faith and knowledge of Christ. There are many events each year that our church puts on for those with special needs in our church family and in our surrounding communities.

To learn more or to get involved, click here.

Dutton Farm

Dutton Farm is a shining light of hope for special needs adults, their families, and the community, as they educate and inspire others to see the value that persons with unique abilities can contribute. Their vision is to empower and support adults with disabilities to live a life of purpose, inclusion and dignity.

To shop their products, click here.

To learn more about Dutton Farm, click here.

House of Providence

There are thousands of children in foster care waiting for a family to call their own. House of Providence [HOP] provides a therapeutic and familial environment for minors who are languishing in the system and facing the grim possibility of aging out without finding their forever family. HOP offers a safe and secure home for foster youth to stabilize and thrive, finding hope, healing, and a permanent family.

One easy way to get involved is to shop for a cause! By clicking here, you can shop top quality, ethical clothing that supports children in foster care!

If you would like to find out more about HOP, click here.

Anti-Human Trafficking Organizations

All Worthy of Love [AWOL] is a justice-focused non-profit that reaches out to men and women enslaved by street prostitution. Its mission is to restore broken dwellings, based on the teachings of Isaiah 58. They work to prevent sex trafficking through awareness, work to rescue victims through weekly outreach, and help bring restoration to the victims of trafficking.

To learn more about how you can partner with AWOL in providing meals, hygiene kits, and more, click here.

Hope Against Trafficking seeks to provide a safe and restorative environment for adult survivors of human trafficking. They provide a comprehensive and dedicated program to help restore survivors and provide education for the community.

To learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

Child Sponsorship

Jesus calls us to care for the “least of these.” His own heart breaks for the broken, and His power heals the hurt. Sponsorship is an opportunity for you and me to respond to this calling and follow in the footsteps of our Savior by caring for some of the world’s most vulnerable. When you sponsor a child, you provide a pathway to healing and restoration. Most importantly, your support shows these young souls the love and mercy of Jesus.

To learn more about Child Sponsorship through our ministry partners in India and Thailand, click here.

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