Supporting Relief Efforts in Turkey & Syria

Written By: Woodside Bible Church


February 10, 2023

Update | March 16

As relief efforts continue in Turkey and Syria, Woodside has come alongside numerous supporters in extending financial aid to the people impacted by February’s deadly earthquake. In the weeks following the disaster, we’ve partnered with a large Christian organization that has boots on the ground in both countries. They are serving and providing aid in the following ways: 

  • Operating a bakery service that gives away more than 8,000 loaves of bread and 1,800 pastries every day.
  • Supplying four truckloads (more than 25,000 gallons) of drinking water each week.
  • Organizing a tent city to provide shelter for those who have lost their homes. At this point in time, 5,000 tents have been secured.
  • Opening two temporary education centers for children.
  • Working to install 500 toilets, 400 showers, and a number of kitchen units in the affected areas.
  • Distributing numbers of donated items, including 3,000 food packets, 6,000 hygiene kits, 5,000 pairs of underwear, 1,000 sets of clothing, and 1,500 toys every week.
  • Working with customs to receive medical supply planes and operating a field hospital that performs more than 10 surgeries every day. 

On February 6, a devastating earthquake hit the countries of Turkey and northern Syria, displacing many from their homes. As continued reports come in, we know that thousands have lost their lives, and many more have been injured.  

As the body of Christ, we want to respond. It’s what Scripture calls us to do. And while we all may not physically be able to help with relief efforts, we can support the efforts already in place.  

Woodside has been in contact with our missionary partners and friends in the region that have been responding to the needs of those impacted communities. We are thankful to report they were all out of harm’s way.  

As a church, we want to respond to this crisis in one of two ways. The first is through Prayer.  

Prayer Update | March 16

Our ministry partners have asked for your continued prayer as they work diligently to care for the thousands of people who have been devastated by the earthquake and its aftermath. They have shared an updated list of prayer requests concerning their efforts in Turkey and Syria—please join us in bringing their needs before the Lord in prayer:  

  • Pray for God’s provision and guidance concerning the purchase of storage areas for desperately needed supplies.
  • Pray for those who have lost their homes and their family members in the disaster.
  • Pray for those affected by the earthquake to experience God’s love and compassion in the midst of chaos and hopelessness.
  • Pray for the strength and endurance of those who are providing daily relief and aid to survivors.
  • Pray for the continued provision of supplies as both countries heal and rebuild.

Our missionary partners have shared with us specific ways we can pray for those impacted by the earthquake. We ask that you’d join us in lifting these requests to God, whether individually or as a family.   

  • PHYSICAL NEEDS: Pray that food, drink, clothing, blankets, heaters, shelter, etc., be available for those hurting and those helping. 
  • EMOTIONAL NEEDS: Pray for those who lost friends and family members (or are waiting to find out if they have) to receive the comfort they need in the personal presence and listening ear of caring people. 
  • COOPERATION: Pray there would be effective communication and coordination among those on the ground helping in relief efforts, especially that Christians and Christian churches would lead the way as salt and light. 
  • RESCUE EFFORTS: Pray for rescue workers to be led to the right places and people and that the rescue workers will have all they need to do their job well. 
  • GOVERNMENT: Pray for the government leaders at the city, provincial, and national levels. Pray that they would be wise, merciful, humble, and motivated to see relief and recovery efforts done well. 
  • EVANGELISM: Even though this is a horrible event, pray that it would be an instrument in God’s hands to comfort many through the good news of the Gospel brought by loving messengers. 
  • ESTEEM: Pray for the local Christians and churches, who are often maligned and mistreated in this land. Pray they would be held in higher esteem than before as non-believing people receive unconditional help from Jesus’ people. 
  • GLORY: Pray that above all else, the one true and living God would be glorified in Jesus Christ throughout this land, among citizens and non-citizens alike, by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The second way we can respond is through giving.   

Because of Woodside members’ continued commitment to generosity, we’ve already been able to send funds to several Christian organizations in the region that are working to distribute food packages, health services, clothes, and more. So, thank you! We know your generosity will bless many in need during this time.  

If you are interested in giving funds to support ongoing relief efforts, we’d encourage you to give to Woodside’s Emergency Response Fund, which enables us to respond with the hope of Jesus to emergencies and disasters within the US and internationally.  

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