The Perfect Family For Each Other

Written By: Melaina Jaeger & Winsten Dickerson


January 17, 2023

If anybody tells you it’s easy or tries to sell you on the ease of it, they’re not setting you up for success because it’s not. It’s not easy. But we’ve felt that because it’s not easy, it did really amazing things for our family. There is something so grace-filled about being broken to the point where you have nothing left to give. I’m one of those guys that when I walk into a situation, I like to know plans A, B, and C. I like to have control. But in living that way, I can miss out on that Jesus wants to bless me with because I’m not looking for the opportunities he’s giving — I’m plowing through with my plan. And this was a season where I was at the end of my rope. I had no solutions other than prayer. And I can say it’s so freeing to get to the point where you have to trust the things you know to believe and put them into practice.” — Barrett