Who Is Your One?

Written By: Dr. Ravae Wilson


February 17, 2023

Questions. We love to ask them. And the more we ponder or converse with one another, oftentimes, the deeper these questions become. When you’re younger, and usually after the fire department visits your elementary school, it’s “what’s the one thing you’d grab in a fire?” Then, as we get a little older, it’s questions like, “where do you want to go to college?” “What do you want to do with your life?” And the most popular of them all, “if you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?”

All these questions are great and help us process both the serious and fun sides of our lives. However, I’d like to pose a question to you today that might be one of the most important questions:

Who is the one person in your life who desperately needs to encounter Jesus—maybe even for the very first time? We all have one. Perhaps that person’s name comes to mind in a second, or maybe we have to take some time and really funnel through the people we interact with daily to see who that one person, persons, or family is. Whoever it is, we want you to write their name down somewhere you’ll see it and remember it—got it jotted down? Great. Now, we want to introduce you to Galen and Andrew.

Andrew was a guy who found himself in a season of hopelessness and despair. Galen was a guy asking God to reveal to him the one person who he could be more spiritually intentional with. And the rest, well, was nothing short of miraculous. Watch their story unfold here ⬇️

This video shares a powerful story of being faithful to God’s leading and giving individuals He’s placed in our lives a chance to encounter the hope of the Gospel.

So, we ask again, who is your one?

Who is the one person, persons, family, or neighbor in your sphere of influence that you know desperately needs Jesus? Around Easter, people are more open to talking about faith and attending church than any other time of year. And this year, we want to make the most of it.  

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see him investing in people by spending time with them—building relationships. Whether it was walking from town to town or sharing a meal together, Jesus was intentional with His words and His time. Over the next few days, we invite you to prayerfully consider whom the Lord would have you invest in this Easter season.  

Over the next month, look for ways to be intentional with “your one.” Invite them to coffee or dinner, ask meaningful questions when you’re hanging out in the breakroom at work or your kid’s sporting event, or if they’re your neighbor, invite them for a walk—whatever it may be, be intentional. These simple acts have the power to show the people in your life that you see them and you care.

While you invest in the person or people God places on your heart, begin to pray for the boldness to extend an invitation! Remember, you’re not alone in this! God has given you the Holy Spirit to speak through you! You can also send a text or email to your Christian community or Life Group to pray for boldness as you see to give this person a chance to encounter the hope of the Gospel! 

To find out more about Easter at Woodside and to let us know if you’re coming, click here.

We hope that this year, more than ever, more people will encounter Jesus and find hope in Him. And that we’ll see a revival across our nation and world where people are ridding themselves of the sin and shame that weighs them down and embracing freedom found only in Jesus Christ.