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getting married?

At Woodside, we believe marriage is a covenant relationship designed and ordained by God from the very beginning of creation as a union between one man and one woman. We are honored to marry couples who are of the Christian faith and members of the Woodside Family. If you’re interested in receiving pre-marital mentoring, being married by a Woodside pastor, or holding your wedding at one of our campuses, keep reading to learn more. 

pre-marital mentorship

Pre-marital mentoring is designed to equip and resource you in preparation for a Christ-centered marriage. To request mentorship from an approved couple at your campus, contact us below. 


Licensed members of Woodside’s pastoral team are available to officiate weddings held at Woodside or another venue. If you would like a Woodside pastor to officiate your marriage ceremony, let us know below. 

campus reservation

Woodside campuses may be reserved for your wedding ceremony and/or reception, subject to availability. All weddings at a Woodside campus must be officiated by a licensed member of Woodside’s pastoral team. Exceptions to include family members or friends of the family would require approval by a Woodside pastor. Rates, availability, and other details vary by campus; if you’re interested in reserving a Woodside campus for your wedding, contact us below. 


Is membership required to be married at Woodside?

While membership is not a requirement to be married at one of Woodside’s campuses, we do require you to be a regular attendee. To learn more about how you can become a member of Woodside, click below. 

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What is Woodside’s position on divorce and remarriage?

For an in-depth explanation of Woodside’s stance on divorce and remarriage, click below.

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What is Woodside’s position on sex and cohabitation before marriage?

Human sexuality is part of God’s plan and a gift to be expressed within the context of marriage. In the Bible, God commands abstinence from any form of sexual activity outside of a marriage between one man and one woman. In honor of God’s design for marriage and sexuality, we are unable to perform or host the wedding of a couple engaging in extra-marital sex or cohabitation.  

For a more detailed explanation of God’s design for sex, click below. 

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