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woodside vision foundation

who we are

The Woodside Vision Foundation exists to support the vision of Woodside Bible Church by securing necessary funding that enables church ministry. Donations to the Vision Foundation are given above and beyond regular giving to Woodside’s general budget.

explanation of giving

Regular giving to the general budget of Woodside Bible Church allows everyday ministry programming and church operations to take place. Faithfulness to giving in this area is critical to the life and health of our church in the many ways we serve our church family and communities.

Giving to the Vision Foundation goes above and beyond regular giving. The Vision Foundation supports the ministry of Woodside in four strategic areas outside of the church’s general budget.

  • Campuses – Church Expansion, Revitalization, and Planting
  • Leaders – Leadership Development
  • Outreach – Local & Global Outreach
  • Media – High-Impact Digital Ministry


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