Stories from our Global Partners | India

Written By: Woodside Bible Church


June 28, 2023

Below you’ll find stories from our Global Partners throughout India.


Each evening, Aahan heard the singing lifting from his neighbor’s house. In a small village on the edge of India sits Aahan’s home. He, his wife, and his children live there and always follow the same evening routine—share a meal, then offer prayers and sacrifices to the Hindu gods and goddesses. He then returned home to hear singing coming from the neighbor’s house.

Eat. Visit the temple. Offer sacrifices. Go home. Hear singing. Repeat. For months this pattern continued. One day Aahan noticed his neighbor leaving his home with a beaming smile. “What’s your secret,” Aahan asked, “You always are so happy when you finish singing; why is that?”

The neighbor invited Aahan in and explained they were singing worship songs in the evening. Newly equipped with church planting training, the neighbor shared the Gospel while sharing refreshments. Aahan wasn’t interested in Jesus because he wanted to be a faithful Hindu.

His neighbor continued to regularly visit Aahan, each time sharing a little more about Jesus. After a few months, Aahan surrendered his heart to Jesus and left behind his Hindu gods. His heart was so changed that he led his wife and children to the Lord.

If you visit Aahan today, you’ll find he and his family have a new evening routine. Eat. Pray to Jesus. Witness for Jesus. Sing worship to Jesus.


Kabir was months into his church planting training when his trainer encouraged him to go to a new village to conduct a survey of the people. His task was to find out if there were any believers or churches in the village. He visited with locals in the village, trying to find a church, but none could be found. He walked all throughout the village, talking with the people. Surely there was someone in the village who followed Christ. Kabir felt his heart break a little more with every conversation. Zero believers. Zero churches.

Kabir’s heart was burdened for the people of the village, so he started praying and visiting the village weekly. Slowly, he began sharing the Gospel with some of the families. Some were open to listening, while others refused to hear about Jesus. No matter how many rejections he received, nothing stopped Kabir from doing what God had asked him to do.

One day while Kabir was sharing the Gospel, God opened the heart of a person named Rohan. He invited Kabir to his house, and as soon as he entered, Kabir sensed dark powers at work. The family was involved in witchcraft, and their home was full of idols. Kabir explained to them about salvation in Jesus and that He came to conquer the darkness. That very day, the whole family trusted in Christ and was saved.

Rohan has since opened his home for prayer and a small church to gather. At present, four families join to pray and are growing in their new faith. The church that Kabir and Rohan started is the first known church in the village.


Ela and her family followed all the rituals and traditions of their Hindu religion. Despite their faithfulness, she had been suffering from acute stomach pain for the past five years. Her parents would take her to local doctors who would prescribe medicines that helped for a short time, but the pain would eventually return. Three months ago, the pain became so unbearable that she had to be admitted to a hospital. The doctors did detailed tests and found a lump in her uterus that was growing. The doctors warned that if surgery was delayed, there was a chance that it would burst, which could result in her death. Her father, a day laborer, was taken aback after hearing about the huge cost of the surgery. Not knowing what to do, the family was in great distress.

Around this time, Jash, one of Ela’s relatives, came to meet with the family. A Christian and Church Planter named Hem had led Jash to Christ. Being moved with compassion at seeing Ela’s condition, he shared the Gospel with everyone present and assured them that God could completely heal Ela. While he was praying, Ela felt a strange warmth in her body, and the pain began to subside. The family accompanied Jash to the church next week, and every believer prayed for her healing. Within the next ten days, Ela was delivered from all of her pain. When she went to have an ultrasound at the hospital, the doctors could no longer find the lump! The entire family rusted Christ as their Lord and Savior with great joy.

Today, her whole family is following Jesus and is part of a local body of believers.


Mirai comes from a Hindu family. Her whole family used to worship idols, chant mantras, and perform all kinds of rituals. As her husband Rushil worked for the government, they lacked nothing, but another challenging circumstance had become a cause for alarm and sadness. The doctors could not diagnose the root cause of their son’s illness. Being from a religious background, they started worshipping all the deities and made vows in exchange for his healing. They also made many ritual sacrifices for their son, but his condition remained. The family was in distress and unsure of what to do.

When Mirai was out at the market, she met a woman named Viti, a disciple maker and church planter. Viti had heard about Mirai’s son and started a conversation with her, but as she began to share about Jesus, Mirai became irTurvited. “If the deities we worship could not help us, then how could Jesus?” she asked. Viti shared her story and the Gospel with Mirai and encouraged her to put her trust in Jesus. She prayed for Mirai and her son and left.

When she returned home, Mirai shared what had happened at the market with her husband. He became angry and threatened to inform the police if she met that woman again. Afraid of what might happen, Viti did not talk to her for about two months, but he never stopped praying for the healing and salvation of the family. After these two months, Mirai felt compelled to meet with Viti and learn more about Jesus. Without telling her husband, she went to Viti’s house and found some people praying with weeping and tears. She had never seen anyone praying for someone with such emotion, and this love and concern touched her. After the prayer meeting, everyone gathered to pray for Mirai’s son. The next day, she brought her son and began to see a change in him. Her husband was happy to see the difference, and so Mirai felt like she had a chance to tell him everything. God touched her husband’s heart, and he joined them at the next prayer meeting. God worked a miracle and healed their son, and the entire family came to know Christ.

Mirai and her family continue to testify to the mighty works of Jesus Christ in their lives to all who will listen.


Turvi felt like she was at the end of her rope. Her husband was suffering from a mysterious illness that had forced them to take on so much debt that they had no hope of paying it off. None of their friends and relatives were supporting them during this difficult time. In search of happiness and peace, she started spending more time in idol worship and visiting witch doctors. No matter what, everything she did was in vain.

Turvi became so fed up with the situation that she decided to end her life. Without telling anyone, she made her way towards the railway tracks. When Turvi drew close to the tracks, she got a call from someone named Rushil. Rushil is a local church planter who had been told of Turvi’s suffering by one of her Christian relatives. She had asked Rushil to call Turvi to talk to her over the phone. God had plans for Turvi, and just as she was going to end her life, Rushil called and shared the Gospel with her.

While Rushil was talking, Turvi felt something move in her heart, and she was filled with peace and assurance. She returned home and shared everything with her husband and children. That very day, the family decided to trust in Jesus. The following week, they went to a church fellowship together.

The believers prayed for the entire family, and gradually they experienced a sense of peace and joy they’ve never had. As a family, they share about what Christ has done in their lives and are growing in their walks with Christ through the help of a local church.


A local church planter, Vihaan rides his bike every day to visit the village of Kasopur. The morning of January 26 was no different. He woke up early, got dressed, and by 10 am had reached the village. He was meeting with new disciples in the village, and they joined together in singing and praising God.

Suddenly a few men broke into their gathering and began to shout at Vihaan and the gathered believers. They accused him of forcing others to convert and demanded he stop preaching about Jesus. Vihaan tried to help them understand, but they would not listen and instead threated him with dire consequences.

Things were getting out of control, so Vihaan contacted his trainer and church planting leader Taksh. Within an hour Taksh reached the village and began speaking with the angry crowd. Taksh also boldly shared the Gospel and tried to clarify wrong viewpoints about Jesus. The gathered church pleaded with Taksh and Vihaan not to stop the meeting. By the grace of God, the church continues to this day, and they request prayers for their safety.


Naksh comes from an economically oppressed Hindu family. There was no peace in the family as his mother was demon-possessed. The family did everything as suggested by the villagers and relatives, but there was no relief, and in fear of harming someone, she had to be kept away from others.

One day Timothy Ishank, who lives in the same village, went to Naksh’s house to see his mother. When he saw how Naksh’s mother was confined to a room, he felt pity for her. He prayed and shared God’s story with them. He told them about a demon-possessed person from the Bible who was healed by Jesus and encouraged them to put their faith in Christ.

Hearing this, Naksh was annoyed and interrupted him by saying that “you have come here to convert us?” But Timothy Ishank told him that “these are myths, which are spread by the people in the society. If you allow me, I can pray for your mother, and God will deliver her completely.” God changed his heart to say yes, and Ishank prayed with authority over the satanic powers, and God did a miracle and healed his mother. This miracle brought the whole family to Christ.

Today, they all are in the Lord and growing and sharing their testimony with others. They are blessed and happy.


Ayaan is from the Sarna tribal family. He lives with his family in Jarkahi village, where there are no Christians and no churches. Ayaan was the village priest and faithfully performed all the duties of a priest. People used to call Ayaan to offer sacrifices of lamb, and goats, and sometimes the people used to shed their own blood to their deities, and Ayaan would offer prayers on their behalf. One night, while he was returning home, it was pitch dark outside. They used to live amidst a thick forest, and there were no lights. Suddenly, he saw something on the path and started trembling. When he reached their home, the family sensed that something was wrong with him. For two long years, he was tormented by an evil spirit. The family took him to many temples, performed witchcraft, and spent a huge amount of money, but all was in vain.

When Basanti, a disciple maker and church planter, learned of Ayaan’s condition, he and his trainer Dilp visited the family. They shared their own stories of how God had worked in their life, shared the Gospel, and prayed over Ayaan. That day the family noticed a calmness in Ayaan they had not seen for at least two years. Basanti and Dilip visited the family regularly and prayed for Ayaan’s deliverance. Their prayers were answered, and Ayaan was delivered from the control of the evil spirit. The healing and deliverance brought the whole family to Christ.

Jarkahi is a big village, and there is a need for a church. Many people have already heard the Gospel, and God has already started to work, but we need to pray that a church will rise in this village.


For generations, Hritik and his family have worshiped gods and goddesses by sacrificing animals to their deities. Whenever they did not offer sacrifices to these gods, they found that their family had to face difficult situations. As a young man, he lost his father, his younger sister was blind, and his older sister was often sick. Hritik himself was entangled with many problems.

Their difficult circumstances had a harmful effect on his life, and he soon began spending time with other young men who enjoyed drinking and gambling. When he could not earn money for alcohol in his village, he decided to travel to nearby Kerala to find employment. After a few months, an evil spirit started tormenting him, forcing him to move back to his hometown. After seeing the miserable condition of her son, Hritik’s mother decided to take him to different temples and made vows to the gods to sacrifice animals if they would heal her son.

One day, his aunt called Hritik’s mother and asked her to bring him to the church near their home. With great hope, his mother took Hritik to the church, where a church planter named Narendra, along with the believers, prayed. On the first day, they did not see any results, but they prayed for five consecutive days. On the fifth day, the evil spirit caused a scene and then left his body.

After this miracle, both Hritik and his mother trusted Christ as their Savior. Today, they are growing in faith by regularly attending the fellowship and learning from the Word of God.


For the past three years, Viti was under the control of a demon. Though she was treated in different mental hospitals, when she did not show any signs of improvement, the family stopped her treatment and took her to witch doctors, visited temples, and offered animal sacrifices and money. Even after doing these things, her condition remained the same. The three years of her possession were like a nightmare for the entire family. A farmer by profession, her father exhausted every option to treat his daughter. He even sold his livestock to meet the expense of the treatment. The family had started to lose all hope.

One evening, a church planter named Gian visited Viti’s house. He understood her problem, read Scriptures of encouragement to them, shared the Gospel, and prayed for her. That night, after three long and often sleepless years, Viti slept peacefully. When the family saw the change, they asked Gian to pray for Viti regularly. Gian prayed with a great burden for Viti and her family, and after one week, while all were praying, the evil spirit left her, and she was delivered.

Today, the whole family is worshipping the true God, and this gave Gian an opportunity to start a small bible study group in their home. Every Friday, a small group of people gathers to learn from the Word of God.


Eshika’s sister was led to the Lord many years ago by a church planter and disciple-maker, but Eshika mostly ignored her. When a crisis in her life made her more open, her sister led her to the Lord and is training her to make disciples. Eshika now shares Jesus with all who will listen.


Angadt moved to Goa, India, looking for a job. He used to go to church but decided to abandon Christianity. His mother, a disciple maker, saw the disappointment Angadt felt with his life and offered him the hope of the Gospel. She was able to lead him to the Lord, and today, Angadt has found peace in Jesus after surrendering his life to Christ.


Looking at Birva’s wind-scarred face, you’d never guess she was only 32 years old. She’s had

a challenging life, a life so difficult that many of us in America couldn’t begin to grasp her challenges. An abusive, enraged husband greets her each morning when she wakes. One day, she overheard a huddled group of women sharing about their past lives. Each had various kinds of pain—alcoholic husbands, unruly children, and problems feeding their families. She wondered if it might be safe to open up about her life story. Birva gathered her courage and shared. She was comforted by the women, and then Shirina spoke up. “Could I tell you how my past was erased by Jesus?” Shirina had been in training with a church planting organization for several months, so she shared her life story with Birva and then shared God’s Story (the Gospel) with her. It was the first time Birva thought relief from her terrible life was possible.

For months Birva secretly pondered the conversation with the huddled women, and this past month, she committed her life to Christ and started reading the Bible. Furious about her newfound faith, Birva’s husband beat her and tore her Bible to shreds. He tortured her, demanding she renounces Jesus. Even still, Birva remains faithful, meeting with the local body of believers weekly and seeking to make more disciples in her village.

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