What Does Family Look Like?

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May 24, 2023

A family can be unique in how it looks, when it begins, and the way that it grows. It’s the uniting of something shared…be it ancestry, a set of values, or simply the same roof.

A family is a home. A place of gathering that makes us feel safe, esteemed, and welcomed. At Woodside, we’re not made up of programs, ministries, or events. We’re made of people, a family. A place we can give and receive support for the many roads traveled in life.

Our family does this in many different ways. By serving our neighborhoods collectively through community outreach. By extending our roots regionally to reach new communities with the Gospel. And by partnering with our global family as we reach the world.

While the thought of family for some may be hard, our hope is to be a place where we care for one another when we walk through hard times.

When Ron and Justine began their journey to parenthood, they never expected how long and difficult the road would be and how much they would need their church family.

The thing about family is that they often can see things we don’t. For Scott, he thought he knew the trajectory his life would take. But through the love and encouragement of his church family, he found a passion for serving the overlooked & forgotten.

So you are no longer outsiders and strangers. You are citizens together with God’s people. You are also members of God’s family.” – Ephesians 2:19

At Woodside, you are family. No matter where you may find yourself, you have a place here.

As we look to the 2023-2024 fiscal year, we’re excited to see what God has in store for our church family. While we celebrate all the milestones of the previous year, here you’ll find what we are hoping, praying for, and planning for the next! To learn more about what we’re working towards in the next year, check out our Annual Report by clicking here.