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Thy Kingdom Come: His Reign in Our Lives

Thy Kingdom Come: Part 7- Healing for the Hurting

The waiting is over. The longings are fulfilled. The King is here. In one sense, God has always ruled over all things (Psalm 24:1). But in another sense, God’s active, saving presence has been resisted, rejected, and overthrown by sin and evil. However, with the coming of Christ, God is bringing the reign of heaven to the people of Earth. In Mark 3-5, we see the reign of Christ in action as Jesus confronts evil, challenges hypocrisy, and speaks truth.
What does it look like when Jesus begins to push back the forces of darkness? How does his kingdom challenge the status quo of religion in his day? And, most importantly, what difference does it make in our lives when we come under the reign of King Jesus? We invite you to join us for our series, “Thy Kingdom Come: His Reign in Our Lives,” where we’ll learn what Jesus’ reign means for us as believers and how we can continue advancing His Kingdom until He returns.

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