There is nothing greater than belonging to God’s family when we put our faith in Jesus – and that’s just the beginning! God designed each of us to live in community and, as Christ-followers, to belong to the local Church. It's here we worship together, encourage one another, serve one another and offer our praise and worship to the Lord. Together we can become better equipped to accomplish our mission as followers of Jesus. We invite you to take your next step!


Do you want to discover the ways you can engage and grow in your walk with God? Do you want to find out more about Woodside or become a member of the Woodside family? Sign up for our four-week, four-step pathway and you will get connected and discover the purpose God has designed for your life. It’s our desire that everyone who walks through our doors would know Jesus and know they have a church home where they belong.

Step 1: Belong to Christ

Learn how you can truly know God's forgiveness and live with Him forever through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Step 2: Belong to a Church

Learn what the Bible says about the important role we all have in being part of the Church and what's at the core of Woodside.

Step 3: Belong to a Family

Make connections and develop friendships with people who will walk with you through life.

Step 4: Belong to a Team

Discover your spiritual gifts and how they complement your natural talents. Find ministries and the opportunities that will maximize your impact for Jesus.

Sign up for a class here:

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